Cunning Revenants

Ghostlines, Book Three
You can’t hide from the past.
No matter how hard you try.

Holden’s been avoiding investigations, and all his friends, since the last investigation. But when there’s an opening at a site she’s wanted to study for years, Leanne convinces Holden to stop come along.

Hetherington Manor doesn’t make its money as a ghost attraction, but it does boast reliable activity. Holden starts putting together the puzzle of the manor’s past, but it seems he’s trying to decipher pieces from more than one story, and one of them overlaps with his own.

When he’s forced to confront his own past choices, Holden has to decide what his life will become. He can keep hiding or he can accept that he has a unique opportunity to help those who would otherwise be lost.


Type: novella
Words: 25,000
Page Count: 90
Genres: Paranormal
Also by BD Wilson