Welcome Apparitions

Ghostlines, Book Two
Some people will do anything to keep their secrets.

Holden isn’t quite over discovering a real ghost on the last investigation, but this time, he’s just coming along for the ride, so everything should be fine. Of course, “should be” and “is” are very rarely the same thing. While the team uncover evidence the haunting at the Fairhaven Hotel is a fake, Holden isn’t so sure. Not when he sees the story play out exactly as it’s supposed to have happened.

But they can’t find anything to back up what he’s saying, and as the evidence mounts against the hotel’s supposed ghost, they start to doubt him. Holden is left trying to convince them, and himself, what he sees is real, and even if he doesn’t understand, what he knows is the truth. Unfortunately, the truth is often dangerous.


Type: novella
Words: 18,000
Page Count: 60
Genres: Paranormal
Also by BD Wilson


When you are sent to Dogfights, you die.

Bairn is determined to survive.